Okay, to start off my system is kind of an experiment on how well a dual hard-drive system performs differently from a single hard drive system.
I have a 35 Gb drive that i placed windows vista 64bit on. Now the drive runs at 10k. Opposite that hd i have a 465 Gb drive that runs at 7.2k thats where i keep all my games and music etc.

I've lately noticing that after all said and done, my C drive is shrinking in excess space day by day. it originally started at 15 gb or so when i first put the computer together. now i am at 1 gb and haven't installed anything on that drive except for the essentials like windows of course, maybe some office programs like photoshop or microsoft office.
Now i've done a little looking and it seems that a large portion of my use to be excess space was taken into the Windows folder, and then into win32 which i dare not touch and to a winsxs folder which i am a little sceptical about also.
My basic question is weather or not i should be worrying about running out of space and if i can delete something in those folders that wont destroy my system. Any possible temporary storage folders that would be considered tricky to locate would be a great help also. Thanks!

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Try ccleaner. Just be sure to backup if you use the registry cleaner feature.

a 35gb drive aimply aint enough for vista. 60gb is the minimum i would reccomend.

a 35gb drive aimply aint enough for vista. 60gb is the minimum i would reccomend for a vista desktop.

server 2008 is much lighter than vista, it has no themes, no media player, no other applications, and even that reccomends 40gb absolute minimum.

thnx laser i'll give that a try
Okay, besides the fact that just running vista off a 35 gb hd is cramping the room. I use to have a lot more space than 1gb available. Is there anything besides laser's idea that i can do that will postpone that inevitable problem?

try ATF cleaner as well as ccleaner

Also run disk cleanup (go intro properties of C drive). You can save 1-2gb by disabling hibernate but if you intend to use it then DONT select hibernate file in the options. Also , do not select "office setup files".

In the disk cleanup menu you can clean up space. The most space can be saved by going into the second tab in the disk cleanup menu and clicking the button to remove old shadow copies and system restore points. This saves huge amounts.

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