Well un fortunately I dont have AC...My FAN runs almost constantly...What if anything can I do about this? Is it a threat to the tower? Is it normal?

well it woun't hurt the tower ,but if it runs hot for long periods of time it could damage the processor[cpu],power supplies and video device ,and or the motherboard chip sets ect ect,all components of the tower

Hi, i would suggest first ensure the case air inlets are not blocked by dust as this will inhibit cooling airflow, then check the cpu heatsink and any other heatsinks for dust and remove using canned air
Try to gently blow out any dust within the psu by canned air in direction through air inlet of psu - if alot of dust exits consider a replacement psu, as may not be now reliable (the capacitors are relatively sensitive to heat)
A psu looses about 20-25% current after a few years due to heat degradation of components
(Do not disassemble the psu as this device can retain dangerous high voltage charges and will void manufacturer liability and is illegal, at least in some regions)

Stagnant air quickly heat satuates and becomes an insulator - not good for hot hardware
A cpu running at elevated temps will slow down clock speed in order to cool down , which will reduce performance

Hope this is relevant