This may seem like a very stupid question but I have done this before and I don't know what happened, the text under my icons on my desktop got "re-highlighted" I had them transparent (I did this a while ago) and somehow the highlighting is back. The only thing I remember doing that might temper with that is I plugged in a different monitor to my cpu for a few hours, switched back to the old one and boom. I know this might make no sense but every remedy I've read about online DOES NOT HELP. Yes I unlocked the web items on my desktop, yes I did go to System Properties and under Advanced > Performance > Settings unchecked the box that allows drop shadows on desktop icons. What next?...

Now I remember how much I hate the icon text highlighted in stupid blue. -_-

I have a Royale Remixed theme on my windows but this has never changed my icons from their transparency.
And attached is a picture to my desktop.

I see what you mean. This is what is happening: you are seeing the solid colour of your wallpaper background in a box sized to suit the icon labels. This box is a window that shows the background layer beneath your current wallpaper, the car and wall; to remove that transparency effect you must CHECK the drop shadow box AND unlock web items.
Else you can either tone down the colour of your background to something you like via desktop properties, or resize the picture to occupy a central portion only.

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