i m having a dell1525.i m havin XP installed in it.i tried installing windows vista but, wasnt able to..my laptop is havin 160gb hard disk n 2gb ram..it is displayin an error code 0XE0000100 when tryin to install vista business edition n error code 0XC0000005 when tryin to install vista ULTIMATE..

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Are you trying to set up a dual boot system w/both XP and/or Vista? Or are you trying to upgrade from XP to Vista? 2 gigs of ram is bare minimum for Vista - try adding another gig to the mix.

i m just upgrading from Windows XP tu Windows Vista...

i m just upgrading from Windows XP tu Windows Vista...

2GB of RAM should be enough to install Vista. I run Windows Vista with 2GB of ram and it purrs like a kitten.

Based on the STOP error messages, it might be a problem with the device drivers carried over from XP.

Also are you trying to upgrade from XP-32 or XP-64? Are you trying to install the 32-bit Vista or the 64-bit Vista?

Do you have a video or sound card installed (other than on the motherboard)? Check for Vista compatibility.

If they are compatible, power off your machine, remove them both from your computer. Boot without them into XP make sure you can see and hear using your onboard video and sound. Then try upgrading to Vista. If you can upgrade then, simply install them after Vista is up and running. :)

Are you sure all of the programs etc on your computer are compatible with vista. When I upgraded I had to go through and uninstall a bunch of programs. Contact microsoft, they have to help you for free...so go to them they might know better than anyone here.
I'm running two gigs on my laptop but 512 mb of ram on my antique (5 years old and can run halo 2 vista without a problem...wow) and running vista fine. Guess its the computers...not the ram ;)

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