I am looking for a way to use 'voice' in my email. We use Outlook 2010 if that helps. Instead of typing out a long email, I would like to 'say' it, then attach it to an email. Another route would be to record what I have to say and send an email with a link to the audio. This will help with upload/download of the emails.

I know I could just use 'sound recorder' or Audacity, then attach it to my email, but I need something less 'techy' for a member of staff that is just a point and click type of person.

Do you have any ideas on what we can do?

Thanks for any ideas!



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Well as far as I know you have got three choices. You can either record a .WAV file and attach it, use the Voice Memo in your smart phone to create the memo and attach it or turn on voice recognition and let them dictate to the computer and have it type what they say (most of the time and with some training for them and the system). But either way you have got to talk to a microphone somewhere and tell the system to record it or to convert it when they dictate to the system.

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