Is there any way to use Windows XP and set up a domain over the network. I know there is a way on Windows Server 2003 but we do not have that kind of money!


Nope !! Windows xp is client only operating system ... you'll need atleast one server OS for domain ... Yes you can make a workgroup for xp systems.

so there is nothing I can do? Meaning i have to buy Windows 2000 or 2003? Please help if any thing....

Yes for the domain system you'll have to buy win 2000 server or win 2003 server.


Thanks for you help nanosani! You may close/delete this topic...

Threads here are not for closing or deleting ... may be some other person with the same question as yours comes here ... and will find this post helpful. This is the benifit of organizing these forums and making this online community. Be a part of it ... help and be helped.

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