I have just installed a a new vista original home edition few days back . but the problem is that I'm not getting any updates for my last install software specially games. What should I do.
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Hi Ethan

Can you be more specific on which software you are trying to update as well as the method of updating


My VAIO laptop has a problem with the speakers. Even though it is stated that the speakers are working fine: the volume is turned up, its not muted, under sound it says that the speakers are working fine, there is no sound. What should I do?


No offence, but I don't think hijacking another persons thread will get your problem sorted any quicker, rather create a seperate thread with your own question or query, as this will aid us in helping the creator of this thread as well as your problem instead of diverting our attention to you and losing focus on the original thread.

However since we on the topic, please ensure that all your volume controls are set to full volume, also please test an audio cd or mp3 on your respective media software (iTunes, WMP etc) and let us know if the program reports any error.



On my Vaio notebook I had to press a certain button to activate Lausprecher, might well be possible that you also have to make such a function.

Sorry for my bad English but I come from Germany;)

I think it is better to ask support team. They have to know about this problem.