I have written a Borland C++ database program some time ago that has been migrated to a new machine running Windows 7 home premium.
Errors are showing up that suggest a problem with the relationships between tables ( related records are being mixed up ). When I check the tables on my XP machine there is nothing wrong and the relationships appear fine.
Is there a feature with 7 that can cause these type of errors?
Can anyone suggest the best way to prevent this from happening?
Thanks in advance.

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At least I am not alone. I saw something similar with Vista where, on execution the database was copied into a virtual folder so the data the program was working on was not the same as the DB contained in the program file folder. This program is not installed to the Program Files folder to stop this happening and it has been working without problems for 8 months. Unfortunately I did not see it first hand so only have the user's experience to go on. I have been reading that XP Mode may fix the situation but this will involve an OS upgrade, which I don't wish to recommend without knowing that it will correct the problem :/


Because it was for a single user it has not been run on another computer. Prior to the migration it was installed on a laptop with XP and an XP desktop without problems, and of course it was developed in an XP environment.

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