I'm bit new to SQL server Express edition. I'v create few databases using sql server management studio. (always i login as windows authentication mode). Those databases are working properly with VB.net. In those databases i've never used username and passwords. But now i want to login as 'SQL Server authentication' mode. But the problem is i dont know the default username and password. Then i read few fourms and got an idea about it. It is given instruction like this.
1. Login as windows authentication mode
2. Goto server properties.
3. Then security settings.
4. Change to mix option.
5. The default username and password is 'sa'

Then i login as sql server authentication mode. But still I can log to sql server authentication mode. It is displayed a error message incorrect username or password.

Please give a proper instruction to find my default username and password.


You may well have sorted this issue by now but here is how you sort this.

Login to SQL managment with your windows account.

on the left hand side expand the security folder. Then expand the logins folder.

Under here you will see the sa account. Right click and select properties. Here you can set the password to what ever you require. Click ok and logout of SQL managment studio.

Log back in with the SQL Authentication using the sa and password you just set.

Hope this helps.

When you log in using Windows Authentication, you may not want to use the sa account for an instance such as having an application connect to the DB. I would recommend that you set up a new login account and only provide this account with the necessary permissions needed such as being able to connect to the DB, then run Select queries from the tables needed to display data in your app, etc..

Otherwise you put your sa account at risk.

Totally agree with you but the original question was how to get access to the SA account password.

Ah, wasnt clear on that when I read the post.