I installed WDS and is functioning. The issue- I did not find volumes on the client computer after SYSPREP. Meanwhile, the server is on VM machine and also the client. I have two partitions on the client. The client will boot from the network where i will choose capture image.

I have googled about the inconsistence but what i found about it is the SYSPREP which i already did. I prepared SYSprep many times on the client but to no success. I knew there is something missing or wrong somewhere but what ??? That is the matter.

Any other ideas or suggestions would be hightly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Could you give us some more information on what flags and options you chose when you executed the sysprep command? And could you explain a little bit more on what you mean by "I did not find volumes on the client computer.."?

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Thanks for your repsonse:
I got it right up to these 2 Steps:

Welcome to WDS option i click continue.

Directory to Capture (set up option)
Enter the following information for this image. Note that you will only see the volumes operating systems that have been prepared with Sysprep.

Volume to capture: nothing appear ( Meanwhile the capture image was stored on a partition on the server name:B)
Image name:
Image Description:


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