The little yellow shield appeared in my system tray today wanting to install the following updates

"security upadate for .net framework 2.0 sp2 and 3.5 sp1on windows server 2003 KB2518864, KB257073, and KB2633880"

As usual I'm pretty prompt with these and clicked on install expecting withinn a short time for the 'restart your computer' box to come up. However, this time the box doesn't appear and the shield reappears shortly after finishing the installations with the same updates and I have repeated this several times and have a feeling it will go on forever as there must be something wrong.

I have had a problem with a New Hardware connection wizard box popping up everytime on boot up when I have not installed any new hardware (.Net was the name of the harware). After googling this I found that it was a problem with installing drivers for 'vbox' which is some kind of proxy set up that I attempted a while ago, and when installing the program failed after 'TAP Win32 Adapter OAS' could not be located. from this point on I now realise is when the hardware wizard kept appearing. So, I went into my device drivers and disabled the TAP-win32 and the harware wizard stopped appearing.

After these updates were not installing properly I went back and enabled the driver again but the updates remain uninstalled.

Is there any correlation between these two problems?

How to I rectify both?

I'm running Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3

Thanks in advance for any ideas/suggestions/complete cures...

H x

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I would suggest that you try a system restore to a point before this issue started occurring.


I've just had the same problem installing these two fixes.
I chose to install 'custom' and watched the progess. It said they had been installed and then downloaded them again. After the third time I chose not to intall them and it gave me the option of not downloading them again. Which I chose. I believe they have been installed but not recognised as such.


From Usenet newsgroup:


I've contacted some MVPs and former MVPs who investigated and are also getting the same problem. One has discovered from the logs and errors that issue appears to be a supercedence issue due to an error made by Microsoft Update. In other words, it's on their end, not ours. She has notified the people at Windows Update so that they can take action to correct this.... once morning comes to Redmond. Hopefully some resolution will occur soon.... hang in there.

Glen Ventura
MS MVP Oct. 2002 - Sept. 2009
CompTIA A+

The discussion thread is at:

Scroll to the bottom to see the latest post on this issue. Which at the time of this writing was the comment from Glen Ventura shown above.

Yea Glen!

Even after 20+ years with Microsoft products and software development tools, this one had me pulling my hair out.


Hopefully we have the same issue -- if so then we are clear and free.

Namely, my problem is not with installing them so that the next time I run Windows Update they don't reappear. That issue went away last night. My problem (or complaint) was that the updates never appeared in Add/Remove Programs.

Now I am being told why they shouldn't appear near the bottom of the following link:

Here's a snippet:
The three security updates should NOT appear in Add or Remove Programs. They were installed at one time, but were superseded by KB2604092, which SHOULD appear in Add/Remove instead. The problem apparently occurred when KB2693777 was pulled off the Update server (due to detection issues I think), and AU detection made the XP (and Server 2003) pull down these older .NET updates again.....and again... and...

If you don't have any hidden updates listed and you have KB2604092 showing as installed, AND the update icon has disappeared from your taskbar, then it is fixed. Is the yellow shield notification gone from your taskbar now, after doing a custom scan for updates at the MU web site?

Glen Ventura
MS MVP Oct. 2002 - Sept. 2009
CompTIA A+
So, for know I am considering this as solved -- at least for me. Hopefully you are just as fortunate.


Thanks, I seem to be sorted now

I don't have any hidden updates listed and I have KB2604092 showing as installed, AND the update icon has disappeared from my taskbar

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