Does anyone know why when I bootup the splash screen will shift to the left and out off 1/3 od the picture.this started with some games we were running so,and then it would shutdown,and correct itself. now it doesn't shut down so it hasn't corrected in a while.It wouldn't be ssch a problem except it affects the bios screen,which means I can't see the left side of the screen. This only happens in 800x600 resolution.

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Well, I would say that you should set both the desktop and games to the highest resolution they will both support, and fix the shutdown issue. If our monitor has an automatic setting, you could try that. but a lot of monitors will only re-adjust only when they start up.

If you give some more details, I would love to continue the discussion!

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Thanks techsheaven,but the problem has taken care of itself. The Wife got her new Dell XPS7100, we transferred allof her files onto that one a little more then a week ago and I took the XP and it failed to load the dll that was required to boot windows I just decided the hdd was messed up so I trashed it.Had spent enough time on it and besides I have a new XPS7100 on it's way to me.
Once again Daniweb was there to help and I thank all of y'all.

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