Not sure if this is where I post this or whether I am supposed to post this at all but, here goes.....
When I try to use MediaFace and insert a picture in the "New Picture Field has error pop up that says "Picture Error (Lead-9) Jpg is not a valid image file.(Does this on any image Format)
This is a simple program without a lot of whistle and bells and I like it better than any I use. Program used to work just fine until had to reload windows XP. I have tried to find this program on the internet with no success. This was downloaded several years ago fron the web as free software. Does anyone have a clue to help me fix this problem and keep the version of software I have?:confused:

Found a link to Neato tech support and they were very helpful. Had to upgrade to this and deleted build.21 andprogram works great.

Its great you found solution by yourself. Im not sure but it seems Nero MediaFace isnt freeware now. As for me people shouldnt pay when they what to make a DVD label, so I found good freeware alternative in face of lightscribe and dvd cover maker. Good luck!!!

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