i have a winxp system . i am using ftp to get files from unix server ,on other system it is working , but in this system when i am using the command 'ls ' to see the list of files ia m gettimg the following massage
"200 port command successful
150 opening ASCII mode data conection for file list
226 transfer complete "
and i am not getting the list and also same massage is geting when i am using mget command to get files from unix server . why it is happening pls help me.

Normally I would have said the server was at fault, but if it's working with another system then it's clearly not the case. Try stuff like restarting the system and/or stopping the ftp connection and then restarting it.

If these suggestions don't work then please reply to this post.

I should point out that there are alternatives to the Command Prompt in Windows. If you are a UNIX fan, you should definitely try Cygwin - I use this instead of the command prompt now as it has a much wider range of features (well, it is an implementation of Red Hat Linux. You'll get things like sftp). There's also MSH - the Microsoft Shell, otherwise known as 'Monad'. It's in beta, but is better than the existing command prompt.

firewall port open

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