How To Run Windows And Mac At Same Time? (One Computer)


i have a mac. and than i download bootcamp windows 7 on it. so now i have OS and windows 7 on my mac.

the problem is that i have to restart every time if i want to switch os to windows. and it take alot of time. Is there way way login in windows side and use OS in a small window box?

note i also download oracle vm virtualbox. i am not sure if i need this. if i do can i do this?


Yes, you are on the right track. The easier method is to run a virtual application that is suported on your Mac so that you can run Windows as a guest VM. this will allow you to run both operating systems at the same time if that is your wish and assuming you have enough resources on the host computer.


As far as I know, Bootcamp requires you to have to restart. I use Parallels Desktop and I don't. I believe if you use VMWare Fusion you don't have to either.


i also have linux on my computer and bc of virtualbox i can run linux on windows at same time. how come i cant do this with os?

on parallel desktop it runs window on mac. do u know if it can it run mac os on window?

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