I tried to download a .qif file. I could not and got this page when I tried to search for this. It says that I should use this to clean up my registry. [link deleted by admin]

I did a search and some said that Maestro was great to use like they are trying to sell me. Others said it was crapware just to try to get you to buy their product. Maybe Microsoft has a deal with them. Should I use this free stuff on my computer that is 2 years old?

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Well, honestly, I'd go and run a virus scan on your computer because from the sound of it. You're infected if you're getting popups to tell you to download/isntall things.
Otherwise, the site you were trying to download from was a malware hosting site and what not, and you need to just, find the file elsewhere on the interent.

Try using MalwareBytes...free download and works better than most traditional AV clients.

I did an AVG scan and it showed no viruses.

I understand...not all antivirus/malware products can detect all malware. My recommendation to use MalwareBytes is because it does a good job across the board in finding malware where other AV products fail. If you are comfortable with the results of your AV scan then time to proceed to the next step...

Back to the original problem. What was the error you received when trying to download the .qif file? where you able to download it, but not able to open it? Looks like you need Quicken to open a .qif file. Do you have Quicken installed?

I got the usual response when I do not have what I need to open a file. Then it asked if I want to search the internet for a way to open it and I agreed. Did you look at that page? Is it a scam that it looks like a Windows page and says it is associated with Windows?

I have had no problems with my computer at all. So you are saying that that page is a scam. If it is, then I should notify Microsoft, Right?

i am not sure about it

I do not have quicken unless it is part of Windows 7.

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