hey guys, im currently getting a huge problem with my computer booting up. at first it was just the occaisional weird hanging noise? i guess once in awhile which just required a reboot. Then gradually i started experiencing problems with actually turning it on. i had to play with the power swtich a bit b4 it turned on. the only way to turn it on was to flick the power switch on and off for liek 15 tries b4 it comes on. wel...the story so far at the moment is i was playing WoW at 4am after slaving the whole day on a paper. Then i turn it off around 5ish, turn it on at around 12am to go over the paper. and presto the computer is stuck at the boot menu on the 1st line. where it says 10 {insert p4 etc} and then...ya nothign happens. So i switch to the bare essentials and..it goes one step further and now when i turn i ton...its just a black screen. Towers and stuff..but that sabout it...dont even know where to begin....well...taht about sums it up...so any help is REALLY appreciated. eh...and also time is factor...i have a feeling im going to fail english now :sad:

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Do you have a spare PSU you can use to troubleshoot? I'm guessing since you play WoW, you have a decent computer, it can run on a 350W PSU, but it may cut off, or have trouble starting, try getting a 450W or higher - that may solve that problem, from what you say, it is hanging in POST now, but it cuts off at different stages, so the problem isn't software, but hardware. Thats the good news (software hangs in POST is usually bad - IE: Flash your MB) Check the Power Supply Unit, and let us know what's going on with it :)

:eek: thanks for the reply, regarding the an extra psu...ya i do have one...i just tried another 230 watt one....hmmm i think imma take your advice and go pick up a 500 watt or something to be on the safe side..thats if they exist :P ...the other psu i tried does the same thing, and one other thing ..dunno if it matters but i no longer get the beep sound during start up...but i guess thats the least of my worries right now. hmm...ya its sorta comforting thats its not a software problem i guess...but i'd prefer software :P ...cause hardware problems cost money :-| ..money that i dont have :cheesy:
i probably should posted my specs earlier :)
2.8ghz P4 (R) *dunno what the R stands for
128 ddr2 9800 pro ATI
dvd/reader/burner aopen
nec cd/reader/burner
standard floppy 1.44
sound blaster live 5.1
mother board: P4S800-MX version 1011 (most recent) SiS
1.5gigs of ram 400
80 gig HD 7200 acero (aka Maxtor) i thinks...

well i sent an email to my professer saying there might be an "unavoidible" delay on my paper....and i got a sweet 2 word response from him. "Nice try"

:sad: i assure you ..these are not tears of joy

thanks again, any other insights into this thingy would be great as well :P

Whoa - you were using a 230W PSU on that machine? I'm surprised it booted...a new PSU will fix it...easily...

*sorry, I posted this a few days ago, but i guess it didn't post :P*

Good luck

use windows xp sp 1 it fast them your user then your :) no longer have black screen of doom grey srceen of death and blue sod

."and also time is factor...i have a feeling im going to fail english now"

Take your hard drive out of your machine and put in the other PC as a slave and copy you English paper from it so that you can at least have that.

Yes, if your English on your post is anything to go by, you will fail English. (B4, when i turn i ton...its, for liek 15 tries b4)

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