A few weeks ago, I noticed that when I went to Yahoo Maps to look for directions, the site had me listed as a resident of Herndon, VA. I live in Sherman Oaks, CA. When I attempted to changed this default (that I did not apply), Yahoo told me that my IP address indicated that my computer was based in Herndon. It never has been; I've always been based here in California. Up until a few weeks ago, my Sherman Oaks address was always the default. When I checked my network connections, it was set on "automatically set IP address".

What is the easiest way to correct this? My Lexmark printer can no longer retrieve my applications list to do scans.

Thank you!

Running Windows 7
HP p6644y
Time-Warner Cable - ISP

Most likely what has happened in your situation is that either your public IP address has recently changed, or the site you are visiting is using an IP database that was updated.

Looking at your network connection is not going to help you in this case. The IP address that is being detected by the target host is your public IP address.

You can use one of many tools online to check your public IP address such as MySourceIp.com

Since this public IP address is assigned to you by your ISP, all that you can do is call them and ask them to change your account from a dynamic IP address to one of static, if in fact you do not want your public IP address to change in the future. There may be an extra fee for having a static IP address.