First of all let me clarify that I am programmer and that my knowledge in system administration are limited ( I know more than that limited spectrum but I wouldn’t trust me on those ). This idea arose out of two deferent needs , I have a dedicated server in one hosting company with only two IP’s and I am thinking to rent two more per month because I don’t want some of the accounts there to have the same IP’s resolving name servers as the others. The second need is that I am thinking to change hosting company at all and I have seen in the past that when you change name servers can take a while.

I will express my thoughts and please correct me if I got it wrong. It could be a service – company that would rent IP’s and redirect them to what ever IP you would like, more over you could adjust the name servers of a domain to point to that IP. In that way when you change a hosting company for example you wouldn’t have to change IP’s in your name servers. Are there companies providing that ? And with what cost in resources out of the redirection process?

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I have seen in the past that when you change name servers can take a while.

When the DNS record is changed, it will take no longer than the Time To Live (TTL) setting on the record. Prior to making changes, if you lower this value to as low as possible, the DNS record cache will be lower, thereby seeing the "change" happen more rapidly.

company that would rent IP’s and redirect them to what ever IP you would like

What you are asking about is "renting" a virtual IP that reverse proxies a real server behind it. I personnal dont know of any providers that do this as a stand-alone service. I would tend to think, if the provider has this service, they would also provide hosting services for your website as well.

Again, i am not sure you need to get into the virtual IP scenario... I would suggest that you host your DNS records with a provider that allows you to manage the TTL of the records in a manner that you can temporarily set the record to a very low value so that when you make changes, the new values are resolvable by all clients.

JorgeM thank you of making cleaner what I am asking and probably what I will not find ;)))

The problem is a bit more complex than I originally suggested.

I live in a country lets call it FC that the ISP’s of it don’t update their DNS servers for a while (for domestic name servers) . That means that if I have ns1.domain.fc pointing to one IP and then change it could take a month or two (I am not kidding) for the clients of that ISP, of course I couldn’t ask visitors of a site to use a public DNS …

Don’t start to talk about how they are permitting such thing. They don’t, and they are in court about that as well, but it is not my main consideration. If I could find an IP provider (front office) that I could change the IP behind it (back office) without any severe resource cost would be great.

Again thanks JorgeM for making me searching virtual IP … hope some day that idea to flourish.

Basically from what I understand, you simply need a provider that provides Load Balancing/Reverse Proxy services. Continue searching on that note...

keep us updated on your findings. It may help someone else in your situation.

commented: Thanks for taking the time to place it in a proper way what I am looking for +6
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