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Go to the device manager and see if the device shows as unknown or in need of an updated driver. Go to the computer vendor's website and download a windows 7 driver for that touch pad device. If there is no driver, you are most likely out of luck because the computer was not optimized for Widnows 7.


Hello pho.tayoat,

Since you are new member, it is important to let you know that it is customary on this forum as well as others not to hijak someone's thread. If your post adds value to the current thread, that's great. However, if you have a completely seperate question, you should start your own thread.

OK, so now on to your question... You havent provided enough information to help you. You would need to provide infromation about the software, operating system you are running, what you are doing before the computer restarts, what you have tried, etc...


Question: How did you change OS's on a touchpad?? Touchpads dont usually have a DVD drive slot! Do you mean a touchscreen laptop/tablet? Unless this term "touchpad" is becoming so encompassing, I always thought a "touchpad" was the same design principle as an iPad, HP WebOS, Nexus 7, etc..

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