I found this in a few different places around the 'net - hopefully it's helpful:

Access the Administrator Account from the Welcome Screen

If you are at the Welcome screen and want to log on with the Administrator account, but it's not listed:

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice to bring up the Windows 2000 logon window, which then allows you to log on as Administrator.

Logging on at the Welcome screen is not available on computers that are members of a network domain.

but sumtimes it doesnt work..so ?

there shud be sumother way ..isnt it

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Interesting Dani............

I'm trying to access a user with administrator rights but whatever I do this do not works in this pc.
Anyone have a clue what to try while using no CD and or no Hardware or not software download?

Welcome to Daniweb aloo :)

Interesting Dani............

thnx DUDE

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