ive been lookin at my fiancees computer, shes in some other country so i have to use remote connection to look at her computer.

She has installed windows 2000 pro, and the computer can run fine many many hours or it can freeze after 1 minute.....it seems like when the cpu processing gets somewhat heavy, the computer freezes.

- Ive updated and run norton antivirus without findin any virus.
- Ive updated driver files for video & audio card.
- Ive installed latest patch. (service pack 4 for windows 2000 pro)

But it still keeps freezing at random times. Anyone got any idea ?


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hi there, thanx for ur reply,

im not so good at hardware, could someone plz specify how i can figure out my
power supply output and voltages, thanx.


The problem could easily be hardware-related, but since you say the computer is in another country, troubleshooting will be rather difficult.

Possible hardware causes could be:

- Faulty power supply (as already mentioned)
- Bad RAM
- Faulty video/network/etc. card
- Faulty motherboard
- Ventilation/thermal problem

If you want to start eliminating software causes, I'd start turning off all unneccessary running programs and processes/services one at a time. Also run a spyware/adware removal program like SpyBot or Ad Aware.

If you get the system as pared down as possible but it still freezes, it's most likely hardware.

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