IE plays movies in it how do I stop it from doing this.
I am running win 2000 with IE 6 it plays mpeg,avi and mov
files off the net in the browser instead of opening up media player.
how can I change this?

Well ,if i'm getting what you mean the movies are not downloadable ,there are live stream from the site you are on!
IE is not a media player,it uses media player plugins , so this must be what you mean.

Internet options/advanced there is an option for IE tp play video from the net. Uncheck that & see if media player is then chosen.
Also, the movie that you are selecting may not be in media player format.

I tried that and it still does it.
also these are downloadable not streaming video.

How about right clicking on what you want & download it that way?

I would hate to have to download all the time, it used to just open them in
media player.

If they are not streaming and are downloadable ,how do you expect to play them !!???if you could say open it still has to download to a temp folder to play,or it would be streaming video ,are you say you no longer have the option to click open !

gimme one of the site you want to watch

ok lets try this again.
I installed quicktime and than after the install, all mepg avi mov wmv all open in IE instead of media player like it did before.

this is an example, all these mpegs open in IE.
all I want is to be able to have them open in media player or quicktime player.
they used to do that, now they open in IE, after I installed quicktime.

open the media frame by choosing view> explorer bar> media.
then click at the bottom where it says "media options" and choose settings> reset preferred types.

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