I found this in a few different places around the 'net - hopefully it's helpful:

Save Time and Effort in Typing URL Addresses

With Internet Explorer 6 in Windows XP, typing Web addresses can be a breeze.

  • Type the domain of an address, such as Microsoft, and then press Ctrl+ENTER. Internet Explorer automatically wraps "http://www....com" around what you typed.
  • Not sure if the site uses a .com extension? Just type the domain of the address, and then press ENTER. Internet Explorer tries to find the site by using the various extensions.
  • If you need to edit an address, you can use Ctrl+LEFT ARROW and Ctrl+RIGHT ARROW to easily move between different parts of the address separated by periods.
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use firefox... just type the address as google
and it puts http://... stuffs and redirects you :)

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