Laptop display starting to fail. Preparing to ship for replacement but in the interim. For now my mouse cannot control one third of the display. Is there a way through keyboard commands to resize the image so that the cursor can reach whatever I need? Link to image below. I await a reply

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It is more a matter of cursor location. Just because the display is "blank" in some areas doesn't mean that the system doesn't know that the cursor is located there. Unfortunately, the visual feedback you usually have is not there... There are keyboard commands that will move the cursor from one item to another. Some experimentation may help, but it will not be easy, or accurate, as in "oops - I didn't want to delete that directory!". My advice is to go "laptop-free" until the replacement arrives. Also, make sure you can copy your data from the old to the new system - my usual approach for this is that if the replacement is compatible, I will remove the new system drive and replace it with the old system drive. That way, assuming it works, I have all of my applications and data intact. It has worked for me in the past when my Dell laptop fried its motherboard.