i need a complete map as to how to use the controlo panel on my pavilion dv7 i-5 460m , windows 7 home proffesional , enternet explorer 8 , i need my 1987 start button back and i need my computer to do one thing at a time and quit doing everything at once i dont know what i'm looking at and just down right angry at the whole scene help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"1987 start buton", webroot, google, fed-ex kinkos free at&t wi-fi, windows 7, enternet explorer 8. And how can i get all this to work in perfect harmony with each other. i'm slow and i'm very lost right now help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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firstly when you open your control panel click on the downward arrow at the side of view by which is at the top right of this screen and select small icons

why not just go buy a old computer .lol

To Get your old style interface and start button back
go to Control panel - System or right click on My Computer in the start menu and select "Properties"
then Click on "advanced System Settings" on the left hand panel. this will bring up the system properties window.
Select the advanced tab - now click on the "Settings" button under Performance.
this will bring up the performance options window.
Select the Visual Effects tab then click the radio button (dot selector) to choose
"adjust for best performance"
Click ok, and again then reboot the pc.
it will now be in plain old grey windows, taskbar and start menu layout.
and look as close as possible to windows 98.
though I think you'll struggle to get a 87 start button! cos I'm pretty sure the Start button didn't exist then at least not in windows.

PS If you're not happy with it just repeat the process and select adjust for best appearance to change back.
Trimming all the startup programs is a little more complex - not much though.
If you're happy with the result then message me and I'll run you through trimming all the non essential rubbish... er sorry free software and trials from your system startup

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