I believe it is sort of ironic that my name is TechSupportGeek, since I only seem to be asking questions for the greater part of the last year and a half. :)

Anyway, on to the problem now, during a cold boot, my computer screen starts flickering like crazy at the BIOS boot screen. Then, after a while, it transitions to the Windows load screen, and the flickering stops. From that point on, everything seems to be normal. Except for one thing (dramatic drum roll, please).

The flickering also appears when I move my cursor to turn on the monitor after it has automatically turned off (power saving settings, you know). I'm not talking about sleep mode, just the regular monitor shut off (nice alternative if you don't wish to have a screen saver). Only this time the flickering will not stop until I move my cursor a second time.

The funny thing is I've never experienced such issues in the past, but I guess there is a first time for everything. By the way, in case you're wondering, my computer runs Windows 7 Ultimate x64. If you'd like more information, tell me accordingly so I can know what to provide you with.

Thank you in advance.

hi, when you installedwin7 did you install device drivers from the manufacture or just rely on Microsoft drivers ,either way i would check for and install updated video device drivers from the maker

Have you tried another screen?

I've tried another monitor and it works just fine. It is also noteworthy to say that my original monitor wouldn't let me access to the OS at all, this morning. The BIOS boot screen would try to pop up, but then it would flicker like Hell. Taking into consideration this fact, and the fact that the other monitor works without any problem at all, is it safe to eliminate any driver/OS issues and go on and blame the monitor itself? Lastly, would it be wise to go buy a new monitor as the one I'm currently using is not a spare one (it's my brother's, actually)?

hi TechSupportGeek, have you check at manufacturer website of your laptop, desktop or motherboard whether they have any update for the BIOS? it could be a BIOS problem.

Note: BIOS upgrading can spoilt the whole computer if you are not sure of what you're doing.

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