AQWst -2 Light Poster

I have two Microsoft Excel questions that I am not sure if I should post them separately or if it is okay that I post them both here. Also, I was not sure where to post them, so if someone sees this and can answer my questions or route this to the proper area, it would be greatly appreciated.
My two questions are as follows:
1) I have a workbook of several spreadsheets, each having their own unique Header, column headings and cell data. How is the best way to get the column headings to repeat on multiple pages of each spreadsheet? Do they have to be included in the header or is there another way to do it?
2) I am compiling a list of Norwegian Lighthouses. I want to be able to create a workbook with this list sorted many different ways. Included with this will be a sort by the name of the lighthouse. Because of the extra letters in the Norwegian alphabet, of Ӕ, ӕ, Ø, ø, Å, and å I can not get the lighthouses with these letters to sort properly. (I am using a version of Microsot Excel of 2010, the United States edition, and am not sure if there is something I need to add to get the sort to work properly). Is there some trick I can do to include these letters to be able to sort them correctly?
Thank you very much.