I've been trying to access epguides.com. When I get to their main page and try to click on any of their catagories, I get a page that reads "Not authorized to view". I also see it is a 401.1 error. I've been accessing this page for months. Why would I not be able to access it now? Nothing has changed on my computer or browser.


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The problem doesn't appear to be on the site's side; I can access everything on the site through both IE and firefox.

Please give us:

- The exact URL, if it isn't simply "http://www.epiguides.com.
- Your browser name and version.
- Your version of Windows.

When I tried to access the page about an hour ago, I was getting a red X where the page's logo should have been. Now everything is appearing normally, and I can get to the catagories again. Why would the red X appear?


Windows XP
IE version 10

It was a probably a server-side disruption; if so, there wouldn't have been anything you could have done about it.

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