Guys is there a way how I can use winsock to design a simple web server, if possible please help me.

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You are not providing enough information. What exactly are you trying to do? Build your own web server with C++ using winsock API's to handle the network interfaces? Something else? What?

If you are planning to do some networking work with C++, I recommend that you look at Boost.Asio instead of using a crude platform-specific interface like winsock. Despite a lot of its annoying aspects, the Boost.Asio library remains the best way to do this kind of thing. I especially recommend setting things up as a single-threaded asynchronous server, that's the "optimal" way to do things with Boost.Asio, and it minimizes multi-threading issues (which are some of the worst headache-inducing problems with this kind of work).

Thanks alot for that guys.

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