How does this work? I need to setup something so I can access my home computer from anywhere. I followed the instructions here but I'm still having problems. I have a WRK54G v1.0 Wireless-G Broadband Router, I've setup WPA with a shared key. I turned off SSI broadcast, enabled MAC Address Filtering, and changed the admin password. DHCP is still enabled...

I might have had troubles port forwarding to, when i log in to the router there lost of stuff to do with ports and it's all confusing me, port triggering etc. If anyone is farmiliar with this router and could tell me how to properly configure it so I can use Remote Desktop Web Connection that would be great. Oh, I have a laptop wirelessly connected to the router, and a desktop connected by cable, I'm trying to make the desktop the host, and then be able to access it from anywhere with my laptop. Thanks ahead of time.

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Don't open ports in your firewall. It's not very secure. Remote desktop web connection is created for internal networks. It's better not to use it.

I recommend you LOG ME IN: www.logmein.com .


so laser you pay for it or use the crappy free version which is being phased out

I am also looking for an alternative thats free and works 100% on any system from win98 to win7

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