I thought this was easy. I want to copy a spreadsheet in a workbook to a new spreadsheet in the same workbook preserving links.
So as the source worksheet received new entries the copied spreadsheet would be updated.

My reason being that I would introduce some variation in the way that data was computed on a few lines.

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Can you not just copy and paste?

Thanks DaveAmour. I have tried but Paste Special is by degault set to "All" but that does not include the links in each cell to to the copied worksheet. If I sealect "paste link". THe program cannot make the changes reports the time it would take and then fails due to lack of resources. I am only running Outlook and Excel.

i want to make sure i understnd the request. you want to copy all data in lets say sheet 1 to sheet 4 and maintain all your formulas. is that correct? and if you ricg click sheet 1 and choose copy or move and seleft sheet 4 it does not work. am i corerct here also.
the next thing you can do is press Ctrl+~ this will show all your formulas, then press Ctrl+A to select every thing. then go to sheet 4 and select cell A1 and then press Ctrl+V this past all your formulas in the new sheet 4, then you can press Ctrl+~ to hide the formulas again.

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