Hello, I have been reading some posts about you to repair a file and it says to use the text converter. I dont see how to use it though. The attached file is corrupt and I think it is because my HD crashed a few days ago. I want to repair this file. Can someone try to repair it? When it opens it says it is corrupt and the text converter might be able to repair. Maybe an expert has some other advice.

thank you

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"Corrupt word file", I assume Microsoft Office Word. To check whether the file is actually corrupt and Office hasn't gone crazy.

Change extension from .docx to .zip then extract the files (I recommend using 7-zip). If 7-zip fails saying that archive is corrupt, it's gone, nothing to be done about it.

If it succeeds at extracting. Open the folder and open folders one by one with application like Brackets or Notepad++, at certain point you should meet file that doesn't open up (is corrupt). Tell me it's name, I can search up what type of file it is and what type of function it has. I might mix-up something from it that might be recognizable by Office.

If you can extract archive and all files are openable that means Office made a mistake while writing the file. Now here's the attitude of how badly you want the file back, because you would need to open every single file and check if the structure of file is right. It would be better if you started new word file, fill it with dummy text and compare the structure of the file.

"text editor"? What?

The .docx files are xml with some "secret sauce". You might try to use LibreOffice to recover the data. It can handle Word docx files very well.

The comment about a "text editor" are appropriate as docx/xml files are just text, but it should be one that can handle xml formats, tags, labels, etc. That's why I suggest LibreOffice.

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