We had a need to factory restore our PC. It is Windows 7 Home Preimum with SP1. We copied all data off ran the factory restore drive, reinstalled Office 2007, restored all data files and now when we open Excel files we cannot format them proerly. The page breaks will not edit properly. All the Windows Updates are current. The interesting thing is if we copy an excel file to a different PC via flash drive or via email attachment the formatting is proper and no need to edit. We tried this on two different PC's one with Excel 2007 and one with Excel 2010. We ran a repair of Office as well.

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I was like that when the problem exists when double-clicking in Windows Explorer. Then I get the message that the program isn't responding and have the option to close or wait. After a few moments Excel does eventually open and I can work on the file. I do not have the problem when I open the file directly form Excel.
Read here, perhaps this article will help you - Excel Restore Toolbox http://www.excel.restoretools.com/

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