I bought this cheap computer game the other day, called I of the dragon. I was STOKED. It's an adorable RPG where you can play as a dragon and build a town to protect. nerdy, i know... I didn't read the spex, unfortunately, and popped it into my PC to find that I need windows 2000 or xp to run it. I'm using Vista.

I'm thinking of running parallels with my vista AND windows 2000. Sounds dumb, but i REALLY want to play this game.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? How can I get this game running?

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vista has compatibility mode for windows xp. i would try that first (just google if you don't know what i'm talking about).

another, slightly more involved solution, would be to partition your hard drive (about 20 GB of it) and install xp on the new partition; at startup, you could choose which OS to boot to. that takes a lot more time and effort though; and for what sounds like a simple game, compatibility mode should be good enough. if not, though, this second solution would definitely work for you.

If I had to choose between 2000 and XP, XP would be the winner. If you have a XP or 2000 installation disc you could try running them in a virtual machine; depending on resources required.

- Let us know how it goes.

portioning my hard drive worked wonderfully! Thanks for all the help guys!

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