Skype used to have a setting that would allow me to block all unsolicited contact requests. Shortly after Microsoft acquired Skype this feature was removed. I used to get 2-3 requests per week and it was easy enough to delete-and-report-abuse although I suspect nobody ever actually looked at these reports. However, I am now getting 5-10 requests per day from users with obviously bot-generated accounts. I've checked google and the Skype forums and it is apparent from the comments that many other people are having the same problem and are pissed off. Microsoft/Skype does not participate in any discussions about blocking so I can only assume that it is to Microsoft's benefit somehow to allow this spamming to continue.

Previous versions of Skype have spawned hacks to do things like remove ads. Is anyone aware of any hack out there that will re-enable the "block all but my contacts" feature?

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I'm so used to Skype auto-updating that I didn't realize there was a newer version available. I'll give it a try, although I see there are no new settings under Privacy so I expect the spamming to continue. Here's hoping though. Thanks.

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New version is the same as the old one. Still getting multiple spams per day. I have to wonder why Microsoft thinks this is a good thing.

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