i am using windows 7 os h/w:i3 processor 4gb ram 5oo gb hdd, i forgot my win 7 password for administrator account .. i used Konboot live cd to break it but there is no use!! please perfer me good s/w to log in into my acc..

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Without a password reset disk, then you are out of luck with regards to a Microsoft supported solution.

You'd have to resort to a 3rd party product or reinstall the OS.


What did you try in Knoppix? Trying to recover the password is going to be much harder then reseting the password.

I beleive the Ultimate Boot CD has a fairly easy to use NT password reset tool.


I've seen few "guides" of how to reset the pw due to a vulnerability in the system. There is a way to get cmd and basically remove/change the pw using it. I am not sure whether DaniWeb rules would allow me to link it but if you just google around u'll get it pretty quick


The traditional way to solve this problem is reinstall Windows 7 or restore it to factory settings. As we all know, Windows computer has no password required to login default. But the disadvantage of these traditional ways is data loss probably.Here I introduce another effective way for you. It can guarantee computer safety and high affection. Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 works like that.


i forgot my windows 8 password and i cant sign in. i need help

With windows 8.1, you're a bit stuck.
If you've got a microsoft account attached to your logon, you'll have to change your windows account password.

This can be done online, or on the phone.

Otherwise, you'll have to use a third party program to get your account back.

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