My environment looks like this...

Windows 2003 server x64
Citrix 4.5

Users are logged onto a Citrix published desktop and use Outlook 2003 for email. A strange problem occurs when a user tries to open a project 2003 mpp file in an email using content redirection because MS project 2003 is hosted on another server. The Citrix client shows it is loading up project and then comes up with an error because it cannot open the file. The error is 'Project cannot open the file'. I have attached the file for viewing.

To add more confusion, another user is able to open the same 'mpp' file from an identical published desktop.

Any ideas welcome.


Handling project file corruption and/or bloat is one the methods

Second is helpful links where you may find many different opinions of users


Last is directed only for hardly corrupted mpp files, only if another ways doesn't work

https://www.repairtoolbox.com/projectrepair.html Project Repair Toolbox

Method 2 - (This does not apply for Project 2007 and later versions)
Save the file in the Microsoft Project Database format:
1. Open your problem file (it may help to turn off automatic calculation if the file is reluctant to open).
2. Select File/Save As...
3. Save as type: Project Database (*.mpd) then click Save.
4. Close the file.
5. Re-open it from the .mpd file.
6. Select File/Save As... and save it as an .mpp file again.

Are you try with x86?

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