A client of mine is having an annoying problem with outlook express. When she hits the send button the whole thing shuts down with no error message. After hours of googling I've only found one referene to the issue and no responses other than "go find a OE Forum"

Any ideas/fixes would be appreciated.

- Do a system restore (If that don't work)
- Delete the outlook express temp files (if that don't work)
- Reinstall outlook express ( If that don't work)
- Reformat machine

Which version of Windows? Which version of OE? Which version of IE? Is she missing any of the scripting updates from MS?

I had a client with this problem and we found his anti-virus had deleted the msoe.dll. We updated the AV, ran it, also installed and ran anti-spyware but no MS updates could replace the lost file (and repair installed the wrong version which even with manual registry entries didn't work). That client was on XP so I installed MSLiveMail which imported the emails and address book successfully. Learning curve, but it saved the emails. That client used Hotmail so needed the LiveServer connection. If that wasn't part of the mix, you could try Thunderbird.