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I've been asked to setup a TLS conncetor between my company and a client site. Whilst there was a lot of useless information going back and forth, I managed to set up the connector. The only thing is I'm not sure it's working.

As I said, I think I set it up OK, but I think the firewall is stopping the connector. So, my question is this... What port, or ports, does the TLS connector use in Exchange 2010?

I've read many articles, including a forum post or two in DaniWeb, and I think it's either 465 (my preferred choice), or 995 (which I think is for Secure POP3).

If you have an answer, please provide a link so I can verify your response.


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TLS will run over port 25 and is usually oppurtunistic.

To force TLS over a send connector you would use:
Set-SendConnector 'Name-of-connector' -RequireTLS $true

In that case, if TLS could not be negotiated, no connection is made.

BTW, if you want to enable tls globally, check it with a website called checktls.com

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correct! you beat me to it!

I assume that the post from CimmerianX answered your question. However I found a picture of the Exchange ports that might be of interest to you. See attached jpg.

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