Hello everyone,

I never had this problem before, i forgot how many times i have done this, yeah, a very easy task and now it turns out to be hard to do it again after windows is giving me error after error when trying to apply a language pack. First i tried the easy way, which is Vistalizator, didn't work. i get errors. Then i tried manually by clicking Start>Search> "Change display language" after that browse for the language pack to be added, but that din't work either, i get this error:

Type: MUI
Size: 352
Message: The language cannot be installed on this computer.

Then move it to the next step, plan B, thru cmd,

lpksetup.exe /i /p c:\MyPack.
DISM /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath:C:/MyPack
bcdedit /set {current} locale fr-FR
bcdboot %WinDir% /l fr-FR
delete reg coding/de-ploy

Any idea why am i having so much trouble adding a language pack?

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Hi skilly,

Is been a while since the last time i was here at DaniWeb. anyway let me tell you few things regarding the issue i had... i noted that the new laptops pre-loaded with windows 7 are the ones with this issue, and as vistalizator, this tool don't work with these MUI Language Packs, i tried it and dind't work for me, i pointed that out in my first post.


i have noticed "chinese language support" that get installed using windows update. i never use a different language, so i don't really know, but it also depends on the version of windows 7 used.
possibly you could re-install the OS for a different language(using windows AIK).
i'm on my XP, i'll reboot and switch to windows7, check things out, than post again if i got more to offer

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