My inbox is completely erased after last night's windows update restart. I tried to reimport the inbox.dbx file but keep getting "no messages can be found" error. tried to copy the .dbx file else where, rename the old .dbx file and reimport, also didn't work. I even tried to delete my outlook express mail accounts and read them, also didn't work. I am running Win7. I don't think I have a virus on my computer as my scan didn't return any virus. Thanks.

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Here's a thing. Outlook Express didn't come with Windows 7. You may have found a way to run it, but you are out on a limb in some tree in the desert. Without you backing up all the time you may get a hard knock when the limb breaks.

I know folk that love that old email system but my advice is to move to Thunderbird and never run on PCs without backups of what you can't lose.

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