Im using Chrome but getting fedup with IT. each & every time I open browser, it loses focus. Why and where it goes - I just dont know - in Task Manager there is only one browser which is Chrome. Nothing helps - even reinstalation of it. I will switch to some other one.

Whats the cause of abnormality like this?

I've heard about issues like this, never really had to experience one but across most search results most people recommend something like this following:

Use Msconfig->services to turn off services (most people check the box that says hide all microsoft services) and disable services one by one until you find the bad service then either leave it disabled or reinstall whatever application controls that service.

Some other people report problems occuring because there are processes that are constantly restarting themselves, this can be checked by using the task manager and watching to see if there is a process constantly closing and reopening.

I am not 100% sure what causes this but hopefully one of these can help you address the issue.

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