I saw similar address/search bar complaints from back on 2012. But I haven't encountered it before 9-17-2016. The night before, MS asked to do an update that involved so many things that the X% loaded, Y% loaded progress box was showing. So whatever updated, it wasn't simple. NOW the upper bar will not highlight, sometimes will not delete except one character at a time, and of course, backspace function disappeared altogether. I've downloaded a free backspace is backspace app that allows that function. But even that can only work one character at a time. IT'S LIKE TYPING ON A TYPEWRITER IN THE DARK AGES, even before electric typewriters. Please help - any ideas?

I fixed a few. I won't get into deep here so I'll start and end with what I did.

"I reset the browser." If you forgot how, google this: "How do I reset Chrome."

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