I have a series of stand alone business computers that are not allowed to be connected to the internet but yet I have to keep up with MS updates. Downloading the Microsoft monthly Security updates on ISO is helpful, but installing them on 7 PC's , one at a time is painful. I have to imagine there is a script that can be wrtten or perhaps a tool that is available pull from a local repository ( That I store the ISO or monthly updates in) . True?

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That tool here is a batch file. Almost every update has a commandline quietinstall option. So it should be easy to collect the updates on a stick and write a batch file to run each update.

As to the script it's batch 101 as in very easy so why would a tool be needed for that?

ISO wouldn't be my choice. My choice was a folder on the USB stick and the batch file I wrote for this month.

write a batch file which is helping in installing updatesthen download updates from windows. Run the batch file and your system will be updated. for more information about downloding updated click here.

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