Recently my computer got a virus which kept bringing up a window saying that a program had stopped responding and so I scanned my laptop with Malwerebytes and it managed to find the infected files and get rid of them. Now, before this, my laptop experienced a crash, which I presume was caused by the virus. When the virus was gone I noticed 2 things were wrong.

Firstly, I previously had User Account Control turned off however, when I restarted my computer it was back on. I'm not sure whether this was because of the crash, or something else.

Secondly I found out the the Itunes store couldn't connect even though Firefox was working fine. So I tried out Internet Explorer and it can't display any webpages. When I diagnose the problem, it says (for the site "google")

"www.google.co.uk" is not set up to establish a connection on port "World Wide Web service (HTTP)" with this computer.

Then it tells me to

Verify the current proxy server configuration

And when doing this I realise every thing seems to be set up as it should be, although I'm not 100% sure. I really don't understand what's going on, especially as firefox is working with no problem.

Thanks in advance!

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Tools Menu -> Internet Options -> Connections Tab ->Lan Settings > uncheck "use a proxy server" or reconfigure the Proxy server again in case you have set it previously.

Oh right, it was that easy, although I thought I already tried that. It's working now, so thanks a lot!

same problem here did that didn't work for me

use google chrome...:-)

Go to Internet Option-> Advanced tab-> Click on reset

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