when I boot up my Win 7 machine, I get this annoying message, as far as I know I don't even have Java. I can't find it anywhere on my computer.
C:|User\Joan's Computer\new\new\jaAKSp

I have searched the registry and also all programs but no Java. also, Google browser and Internet explorer.
Thank you

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I have a variety of tools to examine startup items. I don't know what you use but here's my usual.

HIJACKTHIS. Be aware it's a power tool. Don't just go removing all it finds.

AUTORUNS. Another good tool.

So far, those are my goto (heresy in programming talk) tools for this sort of work.


You don't show the message in your post, so helping is difficult. Since a lot of system tools depend upon Java these days, it should be installed on your system. You need to do a thorough system virus/malware scan, preferable using multiple A/V tools.

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Reminds me of folk that need car parts but don't tell make, model, year, etc.

C:|User\Joan's Computer\new\new\jaAKSp

This is certainly an odd path for Java or anything else. Agree with the others regarding you need to provide more details, one of which is whether this path actually exists on your computer or your registry. If it does, you should probably delete it. I can't imagine it would be anything that's supposed to be there.


Thank you for responding.
The Message appears on my computer screen when I boot up on my windows 7 machine. I am pretty sure I don't have Java. I have searched the registry and all programs and everwhere, my browers etc. I can think of but there is no Java anywhwere.
I would put the little box with the error here if I knew how, but at the top of the box it says
Java virtual machine launcher,
C:|User\Joan's Computer\new\new\jaAKSp.

I have run Malwarebytes, Avast, Ccleaner, Super anti spyware, Spybot, Tune up utilities.

I ran Hyjack this a couple of years ago for a forum I used to belong to but they looked at it and told me the problems. I know that's involved so I don't think I should try it. Maybe I will try Autoruns but don't know anything about that.
My problem was that I was in hospital and my son came here and used my computer, he caused a lot of problems which I have fixed but I can't seem to fix this one. I live alone so didn't bother having a password on my computer, that has taught me a lesson so have put a password on now. I just didn't think anyone would use my computer since I am here alone.

Appreciate any further advice.


IMy problem is resolved, by autorun. thank you very very much for your help.
Kind regards,

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