hi, my cd-rom won't work. It's not showing in my computer. I did the delete upper/lower filters and it worked. but now it has disappeared again & there are no upper/lower filters to delete this time. can anyone help me?

check if you have disabled it in your bios!?

When I first start my computer and put a CD in, it spins and the cursor changes to a little CD, like it's working, the icon shows up in My Computer for a few seconds then everything stops and nothing else happens. It doesn't come up in my device manager.

might sound stupid, but by any chance could your cd drive, not be connected to the mother board properly, "do ya open up your computer and look/change parts." coz you might of accidentaly moved it!?

No, I don't mess with that stuff. It worked fine then it stopped, I didn't move my computer or anything. It "acts" like it's working, I even see the drive in My Computer with the CD name and everything, then the icon disappears and nothing works. I have tried several different kinds of CDs and DVDs

Mine won't work either
Because I keep getting a Code 10 error in Device Manager. A buddy told me he talked with someone about that error code in February and they said there was a software fix from Apple. I can't get apple on Saturday because they're not available. This guy said it had something to do with iTunes and its grabbing the DVD drive controller to do its thing with iPod, and then when you switch back to using it for non-iTunes stuff it won't release the controller and you have to unistall iTunes and run the software to restore control to Vista. I know this is not an answer but may be another avenue for you to pursue.