A friend just brought me his computer which has the blue screen of death right before loading windows. It doesn't get me to the sign in screen. Even if I go to safe mode, before I can log into windows, the blue screen appears with the code:

Stop 0x00000024

I opened the machine looking for loose parts and I noticed two capacitors on the motherboard which tops are semi open, one already showing the insides pushing out through the top.

May this be a cause of the blue screen?

Thank you!

Got a pic of those caps?
As for the error, try running chkdsk from the REcovery Console:
chkdsk /r

Dont waste time, a leaking capicitor can cause endless random and unknown errors, best action is to replace the board.

i highly reccomended to stop using the system because we do not know the extent of damage if the system have warranty u can use it to get a new but if doesn't just buy a new one.. don't put your self at risk =))

what's ur system? call them. leaky capacitors warrants replacement. 'safety hazard issue'

If the board is not under warranty, you might just want to replace the capacitors. Just read what voltage they are rated for and how many microfarads they are and what type of capacitor it is. Why pay hundreds of dollars for a new board when a dollar or two may fix the problem?

I assume you know the basics of how to solder and are aware of static precautions. but you were probably thinking of replacing them anyway I'll bet, but if not, it's not that hard of a job to do.