window 7 work very good at start the only problem i encounter when i have some page saved on th tool bars then click again to appear a black screen appear for 5 seconds before i can log on the page.worst with skype about 20 seconds.

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Most likely your software has crashed, which means you have to reinstall the software. If you had important things on your hard drive, there are ways to rescue it. Youtube or Google should help.


I don't know what the other posting are thinking. It's normal depending on your computer or environment. #1 Check your Windows logs, Application and System. #2 Then start by checking your Monitor driver, yes your monitor driver. It should be set to Generic PnP Monitor. If not, change it and try again. #3 If #2 doesn't work, try changing your color from 32 bit to 16 bit. #4 If you are using Wifi, it may be waiting for the connection before it starts. #5 If you have Media sharing running, it could slow down your computer. #6 Skype could be starting slow for a totally different reason than the other programs. It could be hardware related to your camera, display and audio.

Good Luck.

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